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Business Resume

I have spent most of my career working for manufacturing companies in the Information Technology departments bringing new technology to bear on business problems. My focus for many years has been on manufacturing resource planning or enterprise resource planning (MRP and ERP) systems and systems that are used specifically on the plant floor of manufacturing companies.

Even though I have had a very long and rewarding career working for many companies, I have retired and work primarily on my art painting projects as shown on my Art Website.

Here is my official business resume:


Senior level Information Technology professional with over 25 years as the senior information technology executive for two Tier 1 automotive suppliers and four years for a major automotive company. Have directed, and consulted, for many ERP initiatives, developed global strategies and driven global teams related to OEM assembly plants, and managed various projects related to inventory, production control/scheduling in the Automotive Supplier and Steel industries.

Currently actively involved in a start-up healthcare consulting firm focusing on Electronic Health Record Systems and Health Information Exchanges in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.

Also I maintain partnership with Executive Search Partners LLC. This is a Michigan company specializing in Executive recruiting for Information Technology, Sales, Business Development and Consulting professionals.

Engaged for four years, as a member of the General Motors Corporate IS&S staff for the Global Manufacturing & Quality organization. Role was the key global strategist of plant floor systems for all vehicle assembly plants, world-wide. This involved working with the massive global matrix organization and the respective global business and IS&S leaders to achieve a common portfolio of applications that were used in all of GM’s vehicle assembly plants.

While at Textron, lead the development of the e-Commerce strategy and direction for the automotive sector. Responsibilities have included organizing, staffing, planning and directing the Information Systems and Services function; defining policy and standards for all data processing architectures; planning and coordinating corporate-wide systems development and global integration of computer-based technology into the corporation.

I also worked for a short time with an Internet Start-up, spending 110% of my time defining and developing the technology strategy, raising money, talking to investors and implementing the business plan.


ChangeScape Technologies LLC October 2008 to 2012

ChangeScape Technologies is a startup focused on assisting healthcare providers deal with a wide range of issues related to Health Information Technology. We offer consulting services regarding Electronic Health Record Systems, Health Information Exchanges, Grant Procurement, and Education and Conference Development Services.

Executive Search Partners LLC February 2005 to 2012

Executive Search Partners is an executive search firm located in Southeast Michigan specializing in executive searches for professionals making above $150K. The specialties include Information Technology, Sales, Business development and consulting professionals.

General Motors March 2001 – February 2005

General Motors, before bankruptcy and restructuring, was the leading global designer and manufacturing of automobiles, trucks, and train engines. GM had annual sales of $150 billion, 6000 locations, and 350,000 employees. The GM Information Systems and Services organization (IS&S) was the world’s largest with over 1,600 IT professionals and over 20,000 service providers and an annual budget of over $3 billion.

Director, Vehicle Assembly Systems, IS&S, Manufacturing and Quality organization Detroit, Michigan.

Responsibilities included the global definition and coordination of all assembly plant systems and processes. This involved strategy development for all vehicle assembly plants around the world. The total new application, development and deployment budget for Manufacturing and Quality Systems was over $90 million. Budgets were normally handled by the execution teams and not the strategy teams, but global projects had corporate project management over site for which I was intimately involoved.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Drove a global team to re-define the key in-plant order management system used in 66 vehicle assembly plants for managing orders through the production process. Conducted a rapid Feasibility Study using major vendors’ architects and key GM subject matter experts to conceive and evaluate six technical alternatives for converging two major systems into one solution to be used globally for all assembly plants. In addition, identified 18 business processes that required commonization as part of the development of the new solutions. Successfully drove global councils, and teams to take on this subject area, developing the global vision, solution, executive presentations and acquired budget for development of a new approach. Launched the development project in October 2004 with scheduled completion November 2005.
  • Developed key strategies that were driving the re-architecting of major plant floor applications to make them globally capable, using GM’s complex matrix organization and multiple outsource providers. 209 applications in the portfolio, many uniquely developed for a specific plant.
  • Created a major tracking initiative (known as e-Metrics for Manufacturing Systems) for Manufacturing VP’s and their staffs that define key metrics aimed at understanding and driving common global processes supported by common global systems.
  • Developed and established the first Global Wireless Governance Council for Manufacturing to begin managing and controlling the diverse and confusing array of wireless devices impacting GM plants’ production environments. In this council  initiative teams worked to define strategies and guidelines for wireless network standards, Real Time Location System (RTLS) standards, wireless (PLC) controls standards and wireless spectrum management guidelines.


CouponsByDemand Inc., Ann Arbor , MI . July 2000 – March 2001

CouponsByDemand was an e-commerce start-up aimed at developing and implementing a novel way to bring Coupons directly to customers who loaded the unique software and asked to have the coupons delivered via the Internet.

Chief Technology Officer – Part owner. Position required involvement in all aspects of this new business start-up, from concept generation to development of the technology. This included helping to build the Business Plan, defining the business processes needed to run the business, finding and negotiating with technology providers/partners and beginning to implement the business plan. Also instrumental in raising a large portion of the first two Seed rounds of money. We successfully went from “ideas on paper” to Production software package with Sales and an Initial Market opened in about 7 months. Was a member of the Board of Directors and served as Assistant Secretary of the Company. Due to lack of further needed investment capital, this business was discontinued in March of 2001.


Textron Automotive Company, Troy , MI 1995 – July 2000

Textron Automotive Company was a $2.9 Billion Tier-one automotive supplier, located in Troy , MI . This position involved over site of the information technology for more than 20 manufacturing plants in more than eight countries, with total budget over site of $30 million.

Vice President, Information Systems - Was responsible for global Information Management for this major business segment of Textron, Inc. This involved strategic planning, providing advice and consultation to the Chairman and CEO of Textron Automotive and to the division presidents on a wide-range of information systems issues. Also, it involved conducting due diligence on acquisitions and regular assistance and operations and technical services support for business segments within the Textron Automotive divisions. Position required spending considerable time coordinating and developing the e-Commerce/e-Business strategy and direction for this business segment.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Initiated and lead company wide efforts to developing the e-Commerce / e-Business strategies. Conducted company-wide brainstorming meetings to understand what is possible and define projects that should be employed to significantly improve our customer relationships, our supplier management capability and our internal business processes.
  • Completed the Global Year 2000 requirements and implementations such that Y2K was an insignificant event with few minor disruptions and no interruption of the business.
  • Designed and implemented a new centralized IS organization and focused their energy on the most important objectives of the business segment and brought major standardization and common systems to the business. Established an operating and technical services function and re-directed engineering and system development efforts to meet major weaknesses in the business systems. After three sets of top management changes, re-oriented the organization to provide smaller segment teams and transferred development and engineering support into the largest division. This allowed the elimination of plant level computer systems in over 18 plants, reducing plant head count by 30% and overall headcount by 15%
  • Consulted with the integration for new business acquisitions and provided guidance on strategy and evolution of common systems for those businesses. Consulted in the development of the plan for a major implementation conversion to SAP/R3 in seven plants in Germany and one in Belgium . This was outsourced to EDS. Was heavily involved to achieve on-time completion. Project was completed on time and on budget reducing the costly mainframe architecture. The key benefits were full readiness for Y2K and a new architecture and operating environment for SAP to run in Europe .

The Budd Company, Troy , MI ( currently Thyssen-Krupp-Budd) 1978 –1995

The Budd a $1.8 Billion automotive supplier, located in Troy , MI

Manager, MIS

Responsibilities included corporate-wide MIS activities including Corporate Systems Development, Corporate Data Processing, Remote Computing, End-User Computing, PC Networks and Data/Voice Telecommunications. Early responsibilities at The Budd Company (1977-1982) included Systems and Programming Manager, Data Center Manager, manufacturing Systems Development Manager and Manager of MIS Operations.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Lead the planning, designing and implementing of a major reorganization and centralization effort between 1980 and 1984. Was responsible for, and instrumental in, the successful completion of this major project, which reduced total MIS head-count by over 30% and saved over $2 million annually for the largest division of the company.
  • Undertook several IS evaluations to consider outsourcing activities. In each evaluation, the outsourcing operation was not selected due to management’s comfort with our ability to effectively run and operate the MIS function at a much lower cost than our competitors and peers in the industry. These “open approaches” to evaluation significantly improved the credibility of MIS and greatly enhanced the respect from operating components and top management.
  • Planned the re-design and conversion of the entire computer architecture for the largest Budd division to make it more cost effective and flexible and established it for the future. This coincided with the construction of a new $100 million state-of-the-art stamping plant which took advantage of the technology and new management methods and became the most profitable plant in the division. Also was instrumental in convincing two other large Divisions to standardize on the same architecture. For the first time in over 14 years all plants in the largest three divisions of the company standardized on identical computing architecture, which includes Local Area Networks and Wide-Area Networks and E-Mail.

Youngstown Steel (currently LTV Steel). Youngstown , OH 1969-1977

Youngtown Steel was the company founded in Youngstown , Ohio which had key steel mills in Youngstown (Campbell Works) and East Chicago , Indiana (Indiana Harbor Works). The Indiana complex was a completely integrated steel mill having coke plant, basic oxygen furnace, slab mills, hot-strip mill, cold-strip mills, pickling operation, temper mills, galvanize plating, tin plating and all the associated slitting, shearing and finishing operations that went with a large integrated facility of this type. Youngstown Steel was purchased by Likes Steamship Corporation which eventually merged with Ling-Tempco-Vaught (LTV owners of Jones & Laughlin Steel). By merging all steel making operations the new steel company became LTV Steel which is in bankruptcy proceeding still today.

Held various titles from entry level Programmer to Project Manager of Steel Inventory and Production Control Systems.


Corporate Staff - Reporting to the Chairman and CEO, responsibilities involve advice and consulting to members of top management on the proper and adequate uses of all forms of computer technology for the needs of the business segment. Participate as a member of the Chairman's Staff and as a member of the Segment Leaders Committee which review and set direction for the business segment. Participate in annual Strategic Operations Reviews for each Division, regular operations reviews with plants and due diligence efforts regarding acquisitions. Most recent work has involved developing a Segment-wide strategy for e-commerce. Have coordinated the development and planning of the strategy for all five divisions.

MIS General Management - Responsibilities include organization, staffing, planning and direction of the segment Information Services function; defining policy and standards for all data processing architectures; planning and coordinating corporate-wide systems development and integration of computer-based technology into the corporation. This function involves strategic planning and significant interfaces with the Corporate CIO and participation in the Corporate Information Management Council. Providing guidance and oversight in a matrix organization involves a direct staff of 26 and an indirect (dotted line) staff of 150. It requires developing Capital and Operating budgets for the direct segment functions and assisting and overseeing the development of the indirect budgets annually. Total Operating Budgets are approximately $30 million. Capital budgets range from $3 to $6 million annually.

MIS Operations Management - Responsibilities have included Management of Plant Systems and Programming, Data Center Management, and Management of Remote MIS Operations. These positions required operation, support and development for a complete range of administrative and manufacturing systems.

Manufacturing Systems Project Management - Have participated and directed many projects related to inventory, production-control/scheduling in the Automotive Supplier industry and the design and development of projects in the Steel Industry related to inventory, production control and scheduling.

Hardware and Software Platforms – Have experience in a wide range of hardware and software architectures. Mainframe experience primarily IBM , medium to large systems. Major involvement in Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VAX (Now Hewlett Packard) computers. Local Area Network ( LAN ) components using the Open VMS operating systems, DecNet and currently Windows NT and associated Microsoft software components. Personal Computer experience has been IBM compatibles with Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98 and 95. Early work involved designing and implementing enterprise-wide Client/Server local area networks using the DEC/VAX platform and the IBM compatible personal computers. Also have experience with Motorola, Honeywell and NCR mini-computers. Work at CouponsByDemand involved setting up robust HP NetServers with Microsoft NT 4.0, MS Exchange, IIS4.0, ProxyServer2.0, SQL Server 7.0. Most recent experience in web site development using Front Page 2003, Resumate recruiting software and Crystal Reports report writer. Also experimenting with DVD creation from digital video sources.


1980 - Indiana University , Master of Science in Business Administration - MSBA.

1969 - Indiana State University , Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with minor in Business.

1980 - Certificate in Data Processing (CDP)

1982 - Elected to Beta Gamma Sigma honorary business fraternity.

1985 - Certified Systems Professional (CSP)

1996 - Babson College -Textron Advanced Management Program

1997 - Private tutoring in German

2000 - Gartner Group e-Business Certification

2002 – GM University – Certified Systems Executive

2003 – University of Michigan - Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification Program

2009 - CPHIE - Certified Professional in Health Information Exchange


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