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My interest in fine art goes back many years to a couple of basic oil painting class I took in Crown Point, Indiana, in 1976. I became very interested in oils, created many paintings, sold a few, but gave most away as gifts to family and friends.

Because of increasing job responsibilities, and the need to get an advanced degree, I slowed down and even stopped painting for many years. Around 1994 my interest in oils was rekindled after viewing some PBS television broadcasts of a well known painter named Bob Ross. Snowbound CabinThe technique he uses and tools are much simpler and faster than what I remembered about oil painting many years ago, so I took up the methods and style of Bob Ross to see how they worked. Bob Ross had an untimely death in 1995 but his work and PBS television shows live on. All of the tools and paints he invented are widely available through many art dealers.

Also in 1994 my interest in watercolors developed, primarily because the medium was less toxic and easier to clean up and use. However watercolor painting is much tougher to control and create than oils.

I began by taking a watercolor workshop with another well known painter named Tony Couch. His focus on design and creating "symbols" in watercolor got me hooked on this medium. Winter Scene - CouchI really like the look of his water colors. His style is to paint wet-into wet, which is also difficult to control, but some of the effects are fantastic.
I continued my watercolor training with two other well known watercolor artists, Tom Lynch and Tony van Hasselt, and even took two more workshops with Tony Couch.
In addition I have studied videos from another famous artist named Ron Ranson, from England, who uses the large hake brush and only seven colors in his palette. River Bend - RansonHis style is very loose and impressionistic but achieves great results. Ron Ranson has since moved to the Portland Oregon area and gives workshops and private lessons from his studio.
Since I have retired and now have considerably more time to devote to painting, working in both oil and watercolor gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. I taught the Bob Ross style to several of my neighbors in our Indiana community for eight years and developed a small group of beginning artists who enjoy the activity and process of creating something beautiful from a white piece of canvas in about four hours.  Floral Fantasy

Recently one of my oil painting students asked if we could paint some flowers. I have never been much good at painting flowers but investigated the approach used in th Bob Ross method with his partner Annette Kowalski and, after purchasing a few paints and a couple of brushes, I created my first oil-based floral paintings.
AmarylissWe may try one of these in a future class.

In 2011, I taught my first watercolor class for beginners in our community and have taught several other watercolor workshops since. Tony Couch has graciously given me permission to use one of his out-of-print books to use for the beginning watercolor class which provides some very good exercises and paintings to copy during the class.
I have several beginning watercolor students that are getting excited about the beautiful effects one can achieve with this medium.

In 2012 I started my own You Tube Painting Channel to share my painting techniques and style through free, full-length videos of my painting process. As of this date I have over 100 free videos on my channel and have over 25,000 subscribers.

I am currently a life member of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America and a member of the Lakeland Art Guild , The Florida Watercolor Society and The American Impressionists Society.

Please enjoy my paintings and give me some feedback on what you think.


Larry Hamilton
Lakeland, Florida
November 2017

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